Publishing is Broken…Forbes

Great article I came across

David does a nice job of spelling it out, in honest fashion, why the the tension exists between indie authors and traditional authors. I, too, am convinced that there is the meritocracy piece of it. As far as I’m concerned, an artist is an artist is an artist. And independent publishing helps to level the playing field, for sure. Traditional publishing can take years! If you want readers and your writing has been reviewed and is polished and you have worked at it for a long time, I say take the bull by the horns and get it out there. Let the readers be the judges.

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I’m excited to report that The Sins of Dom made it and remained for the 3rd day in a row since my promo to the top 100 best sellers in the horror genre for both UK and the U.S..  Numbers are teetering around 85 to 95 for US and, surprisingly, it is faring better in the UK at the lowest 38 and now in the 70ish range. I have decided to continue the free promo for a couple more days as I have three days left and the more exposure the better. I have received all positive feedback, thus far. I’m hoping to get some reviews. A few readers wonder why I ended where I did. Well, I am currently writing the sequel!  It will be from Jack, Barnaby and Sam’s perspective and I am tossing around some titles, but I don’t want to say more than that for now.

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