A Halloween Snippet from latest Story, "He"

“Bradley! Bradley!” A mother’s voice called and the boy vanished like a wisp of smoke, surreptitiously, into the deepest dusk of the woods. The sun waned. The air festered with wanton entities, unseen. She felt him –his flesh, his breath. The despoiling rushed over her like a spell. She bore it, a branding.

Photo by Vincent Bongiovanni


Short Stories Accepted for Publication

I am thrilled to announce that two of my short stories, “Fugue” and “Coveted” were both accepted for publication–“Coveted” in BareBack Magazine and “Fugue” in Empty Sink Publishing.

Due to its length, editor, Branden Hart of Empty Sink Publishing, proposed serializing my story, “Fugue”. I agreed, of course, so the first half will be in the December issue and the second half in the January issue.

“Coveted” was accepted by editor, Peter Jelen of BareBack Magazine and it will appear in the November issue.

It is wonderful to know my stories found homes in two fabulous literary and arts magazines and will sit alongside other like-minded artists.