Gale Acuff

Nice poetry here with a perfectly pitched narration, reflecting a child’s grasp on religion and how it’s all transferred and received. I have attempted the ramblings of a child’s stream of consiousness. “Only Heaven” comes to mind–forthcoming in Bartleby Snopes in a week or so. Thanks for the read, Gale Acuff.

Gale Acuff.

Publication update for December 2013


Updates on publications: Branden Hart, editor of decided to publish “Fugue” in its entirety, rather than as a serial. He felt it deserved to be read in one sitting. I agree. I’m pleased. Next week (December 2013), it will be appear. “Only Heaven” will appear in December 2013 issue of Bartleby Snopes. And a new favorite, “Poetess” is now seeking a home. I had Katherine Anne Porter’s famous short story “The Jilting of Granny Weatherall” in mind, yet, admittedly, it is not matched in Porter’s brilliant style.

Enjoy. Feedback is welcome.

Alliteration grips me

Another set of eyes is invaluable. My sister, the writing guru, recipient of a few prestigious short story awards, Grace Paley being just one of them, who is also my reader, pointed out too much alliteration at the end of my latest work. Overdone? How much is too much? In my story “Peter” I decided it was not just for style but a subversive twist on an innocent limerick/tongue twister enjoyed by Mother and son. I won’t say anymore. When I wrote it, no, I did not know it. Maybe it was my subconscious at work. Well, that’s not always an infallible tool. Editors might like it, or trip over it (like my sister). So I sought my oracle aka Google, and I found differing viewpoints about using alliteration and then I found this this: “It works well for advertising because Picky people pick Peter Pan peanut butter it’s the peanut butter picky people pick.” That sums it up for me. I’ll definitely revisit my second to last paragraph. Otherwise, “Peter” is ready to go.