Hope in the Midst of Dystopia

Dystopian fascination is explored. Interesting perspective on why out youth are drawn to the dark and despairing themes of dystopia. I think too it can embody a paradigm of hope and morality.

A pastor's pensees

20131004050534!Katniss_EverdeenThis past weekend I went with some friends to watch the second installment of The Hunger Games series. When I looked around at the audience, it was clear that just by our presence we raised the average age of the movie theater. What is it about this movie that is attracting young people?

The book’s theme has been described as disturbingly “dystopian”. For those that are only vaguely familiar with the term let me explain. There was a sense of irony this past week in that the day we observed the death of JFK we also celebrated the opening of The Hunger Games. The assassination of JFK, along with a few other events in recent history (the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the space shuttle Challenger disaster, etc), have marked the end of the dream of “Camelot”. In other words, the utopian dream, that humans can achieve more…

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