Who Will Buy?

Who will buy….querying begins. Two fulls out and under review.

Solicitation from Editor Shinjini Bhattacharjee of Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal who read my work and said this:
“I must admit that I have found an affinity with your literary ethos, primarily because your each outpouring continuously transgresses the emotions that first conceived it, and in the process,redefines the values that emotions attach to humanity’s confrontation with their being.”

Okay. I’m not sure exactly what that means or how I did it but promised to write more of it for a July publication. I’m thrilled and honored to have my writing evoke such intellectual and aesthetic engagement.

Got word that one of my creepier stories “Voices” was accepted for a December publication in HelloHorror. Very cool!

Meanwhile two stories “Lenore” and “Hideout” were reprinted in Eunoia Review and Linguistic Erosion, and first rights were given to The Milo Review and Pithead Chapel, respectively.

Moving along… Who will buy? Maybe no one. Maybe someone. Maybe no one.

I should write that flash fiction. The editor is expecting it.

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