My latest in Hartford Courant

Hillary Prosecution Fails

Harangue about the Benghazi Hearing, above.

Update on my fiction below:

Accepted for a Dec publication in Literary Orphans. Slow going on Ivoryton novel 85 pgs in. Interruptions include daily other miscellaneous, unavoidables. I switched pov and tense, going with traditional and feeling more comfortable now, easier managing, overall. Finished Stage Eleven –so so. Dorian Gray. Loved it. Now halfway thru Simone de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex. A feminist work helps with my work–existentialism. Women are objective, Others, dreamy and mere perceptions of a potential self, whereas men are subjective, grounded in reality, aware of purpose from a young age, and the superior sex. Intriguing in parts. Overdone in parts. And somewhat ┬áirrelevant in parts…of course, seventy years later.

That’s all folks : )