‘Nightmare’ and ‘The Fall’ by Eleanor Hooker




A cobalt night in blue relief
and the hunt begins.
The green grass black
and the talking baby frightens me.
Bug eyed horrors hover in
our shadows, lingering, carnivorous.
Wailing now to let him stay,
He stumbles after, the talking baby.
Drop under the yickety yackety
picket fence. A treacherous fork
in the road. I know well the dangers.
Where I go the baby follows. I urge him
back to the black green grass, behind the
 yickety yackety picket fence.
“You’ll be safer there” I promise.
He crawls back under with pleas
to follow. We neither saw the pit
that he fell in, in velvet silence. A
small hand held the edge but
slipped away beneath my grip.
A cobalt night in blue relief and
And the hunt begins.

Nightmare is © Eleanor Hooker

First published in The Stinging Fly and subsequently The Shadow Owner’s Companion


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Novel updates 

Sylvie work is slow going, 30k words –odd movement. Not so sure of the direction, long term, but MC is interesting enough, and becoming moreso, as is S’s  offbeat mute son, a few neighbors, and her husband. I guess they are all off which might reflect my own strange mindset. Need to submit a short story (maybe a chapter from novel) to a couple top tier magazines who asked to see more of my work–once I get in, doors are more likley to open. 

My latest in Hartford Courant

Hillary Prosecution Fails

Harangue about the Benghazi Hearing, above.

Update on my fiction below:

Accepted for a Dec publication in Literary Orphans. Slow going on Ivoryton novel 85 pgs in. Interruptions include daily other miscellaneous, unavoidables. I switched pov and tense, going with traditional and feeling more comfortable now, easier managing, overall. Finished Stage Eleven –so so. Dorian Gray. Loved it. Now halfway thru Simone de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex. A feminist work helps with my work–existentialism. Women are objective, Others, dreamy and mere perceptions of a potential self, whereas men are subjective, grounded in reality, aware of purpose from a young age, and the superior sex. Intriguing in parts. Overdone in parts. And somewhat  irrelevant in parts…of course, seventy years later.

That’s all folks : )

Charlie Artists Left an Indelible Mark

My latest published in the Hartford Courant. The Charlie Hebdo tragedy got me, especially the images of their offices, bloodied art and papers strewn about, and I struggled to come to terms with the tragedy. I felt compelled to say something about it, so I wrote from an artist’s perspective, how it feels, the compulsion to write no matter what the cost, to get out a truth, whether it’s ugly or not, that is the risk and it’s not always so popular.

Fiction updates:  My story “Pearl” has been selected to appear in a special issue #13 of Bartleby Snopes, to be released soon. And my story “A Good Night for Maali” has been nominated for Queen’s Ferry Press best small fiction. Also, my creepy story, “Voices” will be up soon on HelloHorror in their new quarterly magazine.  I’ve been working on a few more flash fiction stories, along with an existential longer piece, at 120 pages now. I’m not sure how it will fare in the market.  I’m also hoping to put together a collection of my flash fiction, at some point.