Essay accepted et al

I was thrilled to hear Education Week accepted my essay for a January 20th publication in  issue #18.  I submitted it back in October and forgot about it. Hopefully, the topic will spur some healthy discussion on  a national level related to special education, discerning teens, and the need to include an exit plan, if possible, before high school.

And then there is my fiction”Until I was Bone”which is forthcoming. I’m honored to have a second story (first being “Voices”)  picked up by Brent Armour, Editor in Chief of HelloHorror, for a January publication.  I’m naturally intrigued and drawn into the psychological, eerie aspects of people/characters and  atmosphere and it finds its way into my writing, inadvertently at times (if that makes sense).

Nice start to ring in the new year (as far as publications are concerned).